Dr. William Kerr

Dr. William Kerr received a Bachelor of Science in Biology Degree from the University of Toronto in 1983 and Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1987 and has been practicing dentistry at 540 Brimley Road ever since.

Upon completion of his dental degree, Dr. Kerr joined his father, Dr. John Kerr and continued to practice with his father until 1993 when Dr. John Kerr retired. In 1990, the two were joined by Dr. Michael Cusato (Dr. Kerr’s brother-in-law). Drs. William Kerr and Michael Cusato continue to work as partners and have done so since 1997.

Dr. Kerr enjoys all aspects of dentistry and the relationships he has built with the many families he has had the privilege of treating over the years.

Dr. Kerr is a strong believer in volunteerism and travels to El Porvenir Honduras annually to provide dental care to school children and is the founder and President of Volunteer Dental Outreach for Haliburton County www.dental-outreach.com a charity which provides free dental care to low income residents of Haliburton County. Dr. Kerr volunteers at the VDO at least twice a month. Many of you have asked how to donate to these charities and so we have included links here. To donated to Health Outreach- Dentistry for Honduras please visit https://healthoutreach.ca/page-1641017 and select fund H2019 Team Dentistry @ 540 Donations. To donate to Volunteer Dental Outreach click here

Dr. Kerr and his wife Lisa have four wonderful grown children who they couldn't be more proud of. He is both a talented skier and golfer but doesn’t have a lot of time to do either!